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Insurance Statements


Insurance appraisals are appraisals commissioned by an insurance company or insured for insurance damage. From our experience, in most cases, this is property or liability claims which have been caused by carelessness, accidents of all kinds such as weather damage, incorrect aircraft treatment, negligent limit exceeding.

In the case of insurance reports, AVICERT EUROPE Experts examine the following aspects and record them in writing:

  -    Determination of the cause of damage,                                                                                     
  -    damage sequence and damage occurrence,                                                                               
  -    complete photographic proof of evidence, if necessary with expert's opinion,                           
  -    Determination of the amount of damage for repair and / or equivalent replacement.                

Basically, the injured party has free choice when commissioning an expert and in almost all cases.

AVICERT EUROPE takes care of the complete expert procedure in the event of insurance damage and the insurance report commissioned with it. For this purpose, we clarify directly with the insurance company, what extent the neutral written evidence should obtain. Irrespective of this, the photographic proof is carried out in advance in the always necessary thoroughness. If possible, our Aviation Experts research purchase prices, clarify profitability and possibilities for repairs or renovations.

AVICERT EUROPE acts neutrally and independently, this is confirmed by our Experts in each written insurance statement.

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