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About us

 „DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024-certified Aviation Experts"


Private Expert Partnership

AVICERT EUROPE is organized as private expert partnership, physically located in Luxembourg (EU).

Our highly-qualified team comprises 7 individuals. Amongst them 4 Partners and 3 Annex Experts.

AVICERT EUROPE is represented by:

  • 1 graduated Industrial Engineer, EASA-licensed, ISO 17024-certified,
  • 1 graduated MBA, MRO-Trainer, Auditor, ASA-accredited Appraiser,
  • 1 graduated Aircraft Technician, EASA multi-licensed Certifying Staff,
  • 1 graduated Aircraft Technician, EASA-licensed, VdL-qualified Aviation Expert and qualified NDT-Expert.

Since 2018 in addition, 3 annexed Experts have joined our expert partnership with their professional functions as Appraiser, Inspector, Lawyer, publicity-appointed Witness Expert.

  • 1 publicity appointed and sworn Aviation Expert in EASA CS-23/CS-25 aircraft evaluation,
  • 1 EASA-licensed Certifying Staff (EASA CS-25) specialized in Long-Range Aircraft Line Maintenance,
  • 1 Aviation Lawyer, FAA- and EASA-licensed Commercial Aircraft Pilot, ISO 17024-certified.

AVICERT EUROPE strategically collaborates with the external partner company

  • "BAS Business Aviation Services GmbH" (Germany).

The cooperation was launched in 2018.

Existing and prospective Clients of AVICERT EUROPE may benefit from following strengths.


Our Strengths

  • 8 complemetary areas of expertise

  • lean cost-structure, high process-orientation

  • 10 years of experience in aviation-related projects (ATM, AOC, MRO)

  • EASA-/FAA-licensed Experts and Appraisers

  • 4 EN ISO/IEC 17024-certified Experts, 1 ASA-accredited Appraiser

  • Individual memberships in 12 industry associations

  • 3 EU languages (certified CEFR-niveau B.2) provided

  • Top class strategic location Luxembourg (EU)

  • 2 qualified EN ISO 19011 internal Auditors

  • DIN EN ISO 9100 quality system

  • USPAP (USA) and IVS (EU) Norms and Standards incorporated in value creation

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Certified Aviation Experts
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